Follow the night lights

August 25 2011



sri lanka, exposure, light, experimental

Follow the night lights

A long exposure shot I tried during the evening at Galle Face, Colombo in Sri Lanka. Galle Face green is beautiful location and extremely popular with both locals and tourists. Lying along the beach, the pleasant sea breeze attracts thousands of people every day for picnics, walks and especially kite flying. And on a Saturday afternoon, Galle Face was packed. After spending a few hours trying to get our assorted kites in the air, we turned to some of the local kids to do the job instead, taking over once the kites seemed un-crashable.

But it's only as the sun sets that the energy of the place really dawns on you. There are dozens of little stalls along the beach selling food & drinks, large sea shells, carved wooden ornaments and toys. And hundreds of people stroll through the cool night air.

Definitely a place to see if you ever go by Colombo.